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Hi I'm Libby, I help people with autoimmunity or chronic unexplained illness to transform their lives by taking control of their health. I will support you to move from a life restricted by unrelenting fatigue, pain, and anxiety, to a life where you can enjoy each day without limits.

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If you have been diagnosed with autoimmunity you are no doubt struggling with symptoms of PAIN, either in the joints, gut or muscles, FATIGUE and BRAIN FOG, ANXIETY and possibly DEPRESSION or low mood. You may have struggled years for a diagnosis and are now being told there is nothing you can do, or you are looking for an alternative or addition to conventional medical approaches.

I can help you to regain control of your health once again, improve your ENERGY, increase your mental clarity, improve your MOOD and establish a GUT health equilibrium so that you can start living life to the full.

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My Approach to Autoimmunity and Chronic Illness

Through a targeted personalised clinical nutrition and functional medicine approach I will support you to manage your autoimmunity or chronic health conditions, so that you can live a life symptom free and truly well. I use the most clinically advanced functional and nutritional testing along with thorough clinical investigation to understand the root cause of your illness.  Applying dietary, nutritional, and lifestyle modifications I address your current symptoms, and help you understand how to deal with flare up's, whilst preventing future disease progression.

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5 Tips to Calm Your Immunity

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Hi I'm Libby and i have a passion for all things autoimmunity and a special clinical focus on gut health and environmental medicine (how chemicals and toxins intEract with your health)!

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i started my journey to becoming a nutritional therapist through my own immune health challenges so i know what it is like to suffer with the symptoms of chronic illness. i am here to support you return to health as i did!

Get To Know Me

i use a functional medicine approach to unpick the complex dietary, lifestyle, environmental and genetic factors that have led to your chronic health condition and target these to return you to optimal health for the long term

Get To Know Me

I sought advice from Libby because of a significant weight loss following an illness, subsequent operation and prolonged stay in hospital. Prior to seeing Libby, my weight had shown no signs of recovering but, following Libby's recommended changes to my diet, over a three month period I am now back to my pre operation weight. Additionally previous digestive symptoms have also been positively influenced, due, I am sure, to the dietary changes recommended by Libby. Friends and family all say how much better I am looking!


Libby helped me to understand what's good for my body explaining everything in a very simple way. Her advice is doable and easy to employ and it focuses on general well being.
She's also very approachable and always available to reply to questions you might have once you've started changing your habits.


Libby's knowledge and expertise in nutrition has helped me greatly improve my life. She has enabled me to better understand the connection between my body and what I fuel it with, which has led to increased vital energy levels. I highly recommend Libby to anyone seeking to improve their health and well-being.


Kind Words From Clients

Libby has given me practical help with developing a more rounded approach to food, one that also impacts on my entire wellbeing. Libby has given me tips to make considered choices and has helped shift my thinking to a position of nourishment, rather than restriction and elimination. Libby's solid advice is helping me make my goals achievable and part of my everyday life.


Before I started seeing Libby I was struggling with knowing what to eat that works for me, and I was feeling frustrated, as I didn't know how to progress.

Working with Libby has given me control over what I eat in a positive and empowering way. I have learnt the underlying issues which may have been holding me back. I reached my health goals, and now have an understanding of how to nourish my body long term.

If anyone is considering working with Libby, I would say go for it, I have found it more than worth the money as I am in a position now I never dreamt possible. I have achieved more in the 4 months I worked with Libby than I have in 5 years both physically and mentally, so yes, just go for it!