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Do you want to learn and implement all the fundamental elements of diet and lifestyle that you need to return to health and a life free from autoimmunity?

Ready to make a change?

Autoimmune Calm Programme

You most likely have been feeling less than well for many years now and have either received a diagnosis of one of more than 80 autoimmune conditions, or despite being passed through the medical system you still have not had a diagnosis for your chronic illness. Either way the conventional medical approach has left you feeling underwhelmed and still experiencing your symptoms of fatigue, pain and depression or anxiety. So you have searched for the answers but due to the bewildering amount of information out there, you have been left confused and are NOW looking for someone to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and get you on track to great health again. 

Experiencing unrelenting fatigue, chronic pain or anxiety every day?

sound familiar?


Feel totally in control of your body and your health..... rather than your body controlling how YOU feel.


Imagine being able to say yes to more social engagements, yes to more playtime with the kids and yes to food you love.


Live life symptom free - imagine living every day pain free, with amazing energy, and without anxiety.

Get back in charge of your health and your life........


Finally you will have access to a private 'Autoimmune Calm' Facebook group. This group offers a supportive network of others who are on a similar journey to yourself. You will have the opportunity to share hints and tips, recipes, to share and challenges but most of all to share and congratulate each others successes. I will be there on the group also to help answer any questions that arise between lessons and coaching calls.

You will also receive a one hour group coaching call with myself every other week. This will be a chance for you to go ahead and ask any questions you may have about anything you have learned in the module lessons, or any queries about making the changes. These calls are also a great way to see the other faces on the course and to give the lowdown on how you are doing.

Two one hour lessons per module (8 in total) spaced two weeks apart each. You will have access to two sessions per module which will be delivered automatically to your inbox bi-weekly. These sessions will provide you with the learning information and implementation tasks related to each module. These will be staged to ensure you progress through the modules as easily as possble.

What's Included

Each lesson will be available to you for a whole 12 months as will access to the Facebook group. Modules will be accompanied by supporting documents and resources along with the specific task details you will need to implement the changes discussed. With all this support you will be back on your way to health in no time.

I sought advice from Libby because of a significant weight loss following an illness, subsequent operation and prolonged stay in hospital. Prior to seeing Libby, my weight had shown no signs of recovering but, following Libby's recommended changes to my diet, over a three month period I am now back to my pre operation weight. Additionally previous digestive symptoms have also been positively influenced, due, I am sure, to the dietary changes recommended by Libby. Friends and family all say how much better I am looking!


Libby helped me to understand what's good for my body explaining everything in a very simple way. Her advice is doable and easy to employ and it focuses on general well being.
She's also very approachable and always available to reply to questions you might have once you've started changing your habits.


Libby's knowledge and expertise in nutrition has helped me greatly improve my life. She has enabled me to better understand the connection between my body and what I fuel it with, which has led to increased vital energy levels. I highly recommend Libby to anyone seeking to improve their health and well-being.


Kind Words From Clients

Libby has given me practical help with developing a more rounded approach to food, one that also impacts on my entire wellbeing. Libby has given me tips to make considered choices and has helped shift my thinking to a position of nourishment, rather than restriction and elimination. Libby's solid advice is helping me make my goals achievable and part of my everyday life.


Before I started seeing Libby I was struggling with knowing what to eat that works for me, and I was feeling frustrated, as I didn't know how to progress.

Working with Libby has given me control over what I eat in a positive and empowering way. I have learnt the underlying issues which may have been holding me back. I reached my health goals, and now have an understanding of how to nourish my body long term.

If anyone is considering working with Libby, I would say go for it, I have found it more than worth the money as I am in a position now I never dreamt possible. I have achieved more in the 4 months I worked with Libby than I have in 5 years both physically and mentally, so yes, just go for it!


This is not the programme for you if you don't have a chronic health or autoimmune condition, or unexplained chronic illness. 

Who It's Not For

This programme is for you if you have exhausted the conventional medicine route but with little or no improvement in symptoms. You have been through your GP, and possibly countless specialists too.

Who It's For

It is also not for you if you are looking for a quick fix (wellness takes time), or if you are not willing or able to put in the time, effort or sacrifices needed to regain health.

Who It's Not For

This programme is for anyone suffering from either an identified autoimmune condition, or a chronic unexplained illness.

Who It's For

You aren’t willing to invest financially in your health

Who It's Not For

You if you have spent countless days reading, researching and googling trying to find solutions, but then end up confused by conflicting and vast amount of information out there.

Who It's For

Are looking for a diagnosis - It is not my role as practitioner to diagnose your health condition. I work with many clients with unexplained and undiagnosed illness. We don’t need a diagnosis because we aren’t looking to treat symptoms. 

Who It's Not For

You have tried numerous different diets and eliminated loads of different foods but you still aren’t feeling well

Who It's For



4 x Payments




1 x Payment



2 x Payment

The Investment

Wouldn't it be quicker to work with you 1-1? Unfortunately for most clients no. It is imperative that you go through these foundational stages first before working with me 1-1. This will ensure you have laid a solid base for us to work from. We can then work together on the really personalised, detailed stuff without wasting time and money putting the basics down. Its like laying the foundations of a house. No point building the walls and decorating if there is no stable base.

Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions about the 'Autoimmune Calm' Course


How quickly will I start to see changes? This is different for everybody BUT if you follow ALL the advice given and implement ALL the chances we discuss it shouldn't be long before some signs of improvement in your symptoms show. But this is not a quick fix, there are no fad diets or fast wins, because real change for the long term takes time.

Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions about the 'Autoimmune Calm' Programme


What if I don't implement all the changes right away? Although the programme is set up in such a way that uou have time between each session to implement the changes, if something crops up and you need a little more time then no worries, all the lessons are available for a full 12 months and you can review these whenever is right for you and as many times as you like. BUT do remember to do everything in the programme order. Its like building blocks you see, one module supports the next.

Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions about the 'Autoimmune Calm' Course


I'm ready, let's do this.


 Libby's knowledge and expertise in nutrition has helped me greatly improve my life.

Autoimmune Calm Signature Programme

Take control of your body and your health and regain your life £799